Darvocet Addiction Signs

Darvocet Addiction Signs

Darvocet is a pain killer used in relieving mild or acute pain. This drug has two main ingredients: acetaminophen, which stops the pain, and propoxyphene, which is used to reduce the impact of the pain. It works by halting the sensors that transmit the pain signal to the brain. This drug is normally acquired by prescription and should be taken in tablet form every four hours. However, many people abuse this drug and become addicted, knowingly or unknowingly. To establish whether or not you have developed an addiction, familiarize yourself with the signs of Darvocet addiction.

One common sign of Darvocet addiction is overdosing, whether intentionally or unintentionally. If you find yourself requiring an increasingly higher dosage to treat pain, then most likely you have developed an addiction. Some people exceed their normal dosages even when they have no need for the medicine. This may happen when they try to obtain a feeling of euphoria associated with the drug.

This may also happen to people who have a prescription. For instance, if you have finished your prescription, you may feel compelled to continue taking Darvocet even when your pain is completely gone. In some instances, people try to fake prescriptions or steal the drugs, even when they are not in any kind of pain.

Darvocet Addiction Signs

Another sign of Darvocet addiction is trying to get a prescription from a number of doctors to build a supply of the medication. A person may not necessarily be overdosing, but they may be taking the drug even when they have no need to. The drug becomes such a big part of their lives that they feel unable to do much without it. In addition, not getting their regular dosage may bring about the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping the drug.

Another common sign of addiction is a strong feeling of dependence on Darvocet. Addicts may believe that they require the drug to live their normal lives comfortably. They feel unable to go to school or work without taking their regular dosage. They are unable to be happy or feel at peace unless they are under the influence. If you feel as though you can’t function properly without painkillers, you have definitely become an addict.

Preoccupation with the drug is also a sign of addiction. Most people who are addicted to Darvocet constantly think about the drug. They think about acquiring it, using it and how the drug makes them feel. They may prioritize this drug above all other things in their lives.

Ingesting Darvocet in any form other than tablets is another sign of abuse and addiction. People who are addicted to the drug often crush it into powder form, and then snort it. This is done to ensure that the effect of the painkillers is quickly felt. Some people mix the powder form with a liquid and then take it through injection. All these are signs of addiction.

If you find that you are exhibiting any Darvocet addiction signs, you should get professional help immediately 1-800-303-2482. Trying to kick the habit on your own may be difficult, especially if you experience withdrawal symptoms.

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